September 2017, Day 13, Nishikigi v Sadanoumi

Slow clap for Sadanoumi, who gets his first win on Day 13. Kudos to him for not giving up, and bringing the fight to Nishikigi with a strong belt game that keeps him upright when Nishikigi tries to shuck him off. Sadanoumi sits at 1-5-7 (one win, five losses, and seven absences that count as losses). Nishikigi drops his eighth loss, in risk of falling to Juryo next tournament if he loses any more.


September 2017, Day 10, Nishikigi v Asanoyama

Asanoyama continues to dominate the bottom of the division with another fine performance against Nishikigi. Once he clamps down with the left-handed overarm grip and takes a few moments to tighten it, Asanoyama swings Nishikigi around and dumps him with a smooth uwatenage (overarm throw). Just the stronger man today.

September 2017, Day 7, Nishikigi v Takarafuji

Takarafuji works the right-left magic again today, pulling with a right arm overhand grip to get Nishikigi leaning one way and then pushing with his left arm to send Nishikigi tumbling the other direction. Good solid core from Takarafuji gives his shoves a lot of strength, even going backwards.

March 2017, Day 12, Tochinoshin v Nishikigi

Tochinoshin sits at seven losses and really doesn’t want to get his demotion-ensuring eighth. With his bum right knee he’d rather not get pulled into a protracted battle, so he doesn’t waste time taking care of Nishikigi. A left hand on the back of the head combines nicely with a scooping right-arm sukuinage (beltless arm throw) and Tochinoshin survives another day. He’ll need to win the last three days in a row to prevent a drop in the rankings next tournament.

March 2017, Day 7, Nishikigi v Ishiura

This is the second shitatehineri (twisting underarm throw) for Ishiura this tournament, and while it’s not as pretty as the one he pulled off against Sadanoumi, it gets the job done. This one looks more like a magician yanking a tablecloth from underneath a full set of dishes, and it leaves Nishikigi flat on his stomach wondering why his feet aren’t on the ground anymore.

March 2017, Day 6, Chiyoo v Nishikigi

Two wrestlers at the bottom of the top division meet up in an entertaining bout, with plenty of reversals right up until the very end. Chiyoo, in the darker mawashi, starts out with only a single layer of Nishikigi’s belt with the right hand, but once he solidifies his grip he’s able to get some momentum going with an overarm throw attempt that opens up Nishikigi’s defense and gives Chiyoo the left-side grip as well. Nishikigi, both hands inside and with only a left-handed belt grip,  muscles Chiyoo right up to the edge, where Chiyoo uses the straw bales for leverage to reverse the position yet again. Nishikigi has one last shot at a reversal, but Chiyoo sticks his right foot to the dohyo and Nishikigi steps out first.