March 2018, Day 15, Chiyoshoma v Nishikigi

There’s a collective groan from the crowd when Chiyoshoma goes airborne at the tachiai, launching up and to the side to grab Nishikigi’s belt, pulling Nishikigi into the negative space where Chiyoshoma should have been. A smattering of applause as he pads his record to 9-6, but a general disappointment at the henka. Nishikigi falls to 5-10, arguably in danger of dropping back down to the Juryo division next tournament.


March 2018, Day 12, Kagayaki v Nishikigi

Note: It is always an option to grab your opponent by the face and throw them into the ground.

March 2018, Day 10, Nishikigi v Chiyonokuni

There’s hikiotoshi, and there’s hikiotoshi. This one’s the latter. Chiyonokuni sets up the pull down by snapping Nishikigi’s head back at the chin before yanking down hard. I don’t know if Nishikigi’s ever been in a car wreck, but he knows what whiplash feels like.

March 2018, Day 9, Ishiura v Nishikigi

After a fluffy tachiai (no real charge, no real avoidance either), Ishiura gets a deep, deep underarm belt grip with his left hand and complements it with a right-handed grip on the front of Nishikigi’s belt. Nishikigi is content to wrap up Ishiura’s arm and squeeze for all he’s worth. Ishiura goes for the underarm throw but can’t turn Nishikigi’s body over, leaving Nishikigi with a slightly higher position and good leverage on Ishiura’s arm. Both men go down, but Ishiura’s top knot touches the dirt first, giving the win by kotenage (arm lock throw) to Nishikigi.

March 2018, Day 7, Azumaryu v Nishikigi

Azumaryu gets stood up at the tachiai, and decides to retreat once he’s given up the lower position to Nishikigi. This is a mistake. A few short steps later and he’s tumbling backwards off the dohyo, landing hard on the floor below.

March 2018, Day 2, Sokokurai v Nishikigi

Sokokurai thinks he has Nishikigi on the ropes, but Nishikigi executes a nifty reversal at the edge of the ring to pull out the victory.

March 2018, Day 1, Myogiryu v Nishikigi

Let’s get things kicked off in Osaka. Nishikigi defends with a clamp, both arms locked around Myogiryu’s right arm. It’s not a comfy position, with his left side elevated higher than he’d like, but he manages to sneak his right arm out and attack Myogiryu’s left side with a kotenage. This throws Myogiryu off balance and lets Nishikigi get a left hand in Myogiryu’s ribs. One giant shove later, and Myogiryu is tumbling off the dohyo.