November 2017, Day 5 Tamawashi v Takayasu

Ozeki Takayasu drops to 4-1 and out of the tie for the tournament lead thanks to a spirited performance by Tamawashi. After a strong tachiai Takayasu gets too close to Tamawashi, who keeps his hips low and gets the positional advantage on the Ozeki. Good footwork from Tamawashi sends Takayasu sliding across the dohyo and out the other side.


November 2017, Day 2, Tamawashi v Hakuho

Yokozuna Hakuho must have watched the tape of Tamawashi’s great performance against Yokozuna Kisenosato yesterday, and wastes no time completely negating the potential aggression. Leading with a classic left-handed slap to set up a right forearm to the chin, Hakuho pushes Tamawashi back at the tachiai and the two men pause for a moment to consider the next course of action. It happens fast, but Hakuho feints with his right arm before lunging forward and grabbing onto Tamawashi’s belt with his left hand. Tamawashi goes for the throat, but Hakuho yanks hard with his left hand and turns Tamawashi completely around. And just like that, the danger is averted. Hakuho takes a stroll and Tamawashi finds himself on the wrong side of the straw bales.

September 2017, Day 10, Ishiura v Takarafuji

Favorite bout of the tournament so far. Ishiura ends up behind Takarafuji and a wild scramble ensues, with Takarafuji trying to spin around and get the little guy back in front of him and Ishiura trying to hold onto any part of Takarafuji’s belt to stay behind him. After a few rotations Takarafuji finally catches Ishiura, and throws him out of the ring by his face. Takarafuji improves to 7-3, while Ishiura earns his makekoshi (losing record) and demotion next tournament.

September 2017, Day 3, Tamawashi v Onosho

Onosho’s successful run continues in his first tournament in the top half of the top Makuuchi division. Tamawashi can beat anyone on a given day, but Onosho sets him up perfectly with a strong push that puts Tamawashi’s heels on the tawara before reaching around for the back of his belt and slinging him the length of the dohyo. Nice improvisation for Onosho’s third win in three days.

September 2017, Day 1, Ishiura v Arawashi

Ishiura borrows a tactic from Yokozuna Harumafuji, meeting Arawashi head-on while skootching his hips around to the side. This lets him get a hand on the back of Arawashi’s belt, ushering his opponent easily out the other side of the ring.

July 2017, Hakuho Yusho compilation

Yokozuna Hakuho wins the July 2017 Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya, earning his thirty-ninth top-division championship with a record of 14-1. Along the way he surpassed former Ozeki Kaio to set the all-time wins record with a mark of 1050. Over the course of the tournament he used eight different kimarite (winning techniques): yorikiri (5), tsukiotoshi (2), okuridashi (2), hatakikomi (2), sukuinage (1), oshitaoshi (1), yoritaoshi (1), kotenage (1).