January 2018, Day 9, Ichinojo v Onosho

Ichinojo once again shows us his power, which seems to come out of some hidden place deep behind his baby face with no warning. Just a small shift of his hips and he applies all his bulk to the arm lock on Onosho’s left arm, sending Onosho crashing off the dohyo. A crushing kotenage (arm lock throw). Ichinojo finishes the day at 5-4, and Onosho falls to 4-5.


January 2018, Day 8, Hokutofuji v Onosho

Here’s the Onosho we’d like to see more of. When he’s low and centered, his pushing attack cannot be ignored. But if you push back too hard, he’s got a viciously quick pull/slap down to make you pay. Which is exactly what happens to Hokutofuji, who survives several feints and pulls before falling hard for the last one. Onosho evens up his record at 4-4, Hokutofuji falls to 2-6.

January 2018, Day 7, Kotoshogiku v Onosho

Kotoshogiku digs deep to hang on at the edge, determination showing on his face as he crushes Onosho to the clay with a kotenage (armlock) throw. Less of a throw, more of a slow squishing, but it works fine. Kotoshogiku and Onosho both finish the day at 3-4.

January 2018, Day 6, Onosho v Takayasu

Takayasu falls for the second time this tournament, losing his footing and getting slapped down by Onosho. He looks non-plussed afterwards, but tomorrow’s opponent, Ichinojo, better start getting ready for Takayasu’s best. I bet he’s seething inside. Both Ozekis, Takayasu and Goeido, finish the day at 4-2.

January 2018, Day 5, Takakeisho v Onosho

Takakeisho falls below .500 with a loss against tough opponent Onosho. After a smashing face-to-face tachiai, Onosho yanks down on Takakeisho’s arms to send him dirtward in a jiffy. Takakeisho finishes in the splits, no small feat for a 330lb man. These two are fairly evenly matched, both relatively new to the top division with quick promotions up to the high rank of komusubi. A string of good performances up here could see an Ozeki rank for one of these guys in the future, but it looks like they’ll need some more experience before that happens.

January 2018, Day 4, Onosho v Tamawashi

Onosho picks up his first win of the tournament against a tough opponent, handling Tamawashi’s strong shoves to the face and chin with aplomb. Pulling down on Tamawashi’s shoulders, he pivots on the rice bales leaving just enough space for Tamawashi to find the clay.

January 2018, Day 3, Mitakeumi v Onosho

Mitakeumi escapes by the narrowest of margins, if by “narrow” you mean the width of Onosho’s backside. Onosho is in control the entire bout, pushing Mitakeumi to the edge with a strong palm to his chin. But with his heels against the tawara, Mitakeumi scoots sideways and sends Onosho down with an audible slap to his rear. Onosho would love that last half-second back to do over.