September 2017, Day 14, Onosho v Asanoyama

Asanoyama needs a win today to give himself a chance at a tournament playoff tomorrow, but Onosho proves too hefty a challenge. Straightforward, no-nonsense stuff from Onosho, and Asanoyama drops out of contention. Both finish today at 9-5.


September 2017, Day 11, Tamawashi v Chiyotairyu

Going into today’s bout, Chiyotairyu was the last remaining two-loss wrestler, only one behind tournament leader Goeido. Tamawashi removes him from that relatively lofty position, dragging him back down into the clump of thirteen wrestlers at three and four losses. Chiyotairyu puts up a good fight, but loses steam after the tachiai and lets Tamawashi take over the match. Good hips for Tamawashi at the edge give him a strong base to shove out Chiyotairyu.

September 2017, Day 10, Tochiozan v Goeido

Goeido puts on a sumo clinic today, cruising to a win over Tochiozan. He keeps his shoulders square to his opponent the entire bout, hips and feet making a conduit to the clay and anchoring some solid pushing. When it’s time to drive forward, he moves relentlessly without getting overextended and losing his balance. Really fine stuff. Goeido keeps hold of the tournament lead at 9-1, but there’s a host of contenders one or two (or even three!) losses back.

September 2017, Day 10, Shodai v Yoshikaze

It’s feast or famine with Yoshikaze this tournament, and right now he’s feasting. After dropping the first four days in a row, he’s roared back with six consecutive wins. Notable today against Shodai is his excellent footwork, keeping his hips low and his weight centered over his feet. No chance for Shodai to pull him down or divert the pressure, and Shodai crashes out to his sixth loss.

September 2017, Day 7, Shodai v Goeido

This is the Goeido we’ve been waiting for. Aggressive, no hint of pulling or trickery, just laser-focused the entire bout. Watch how he keeps his face centered on Shodai’s chest, and charges forward with solid thrusts until Shodai steps out. Shodai has no answer for Goeido’s determination. Goeido is tied for the tournament lead with three other wrestlers at 6-1.

September 2017, Day 7, Tamawashi v Kotoshogiku

Poor ‘Giku has now lost three in a row after rolling through the opening four days of the tournament undefeated. Today he simply gets out-muscled by Tamawashi, who takes him back to the edge and treats him to a taste of his own style, performed better.

September 2017, Day 7, Hokutofuji v Onosho

Onosho has found success several times this tournament with this move, but it only works because he’s so strong at the tachiai. Pushing hard against the opponent forces them to push back hard, setting them up for the sideways evasion that has seen multiple wrestlers go sailing by, easy pickings for the follow-up shove. Onosho is surprisingly quick for someone of his shape, and I think his opponents are caught off-guard by how fast he’s able to get out of the way. Onosho stays tied with the leaders at 6-1.