November 2017, Day 7, Goeido v Shohozan

(Thanksgiving Holiday commentary hiatus)


November 2017, Day 6, Takakeisho v Takayasu

Both Ozekis lose today, with Takakeisho continuing a very successful first week of the tournament by notching his belt with an Ozeki win to add to two Yokozuna upsets. I’m a little disappointed by Takayasu’s lack of fight at the end of the bout, as he appears to give up once he gets close to the edge. Both men finish the day at 4-2.

November 2017, Day 5, Tochiozan v Hakuho

Another day, another win for Yokozuna Hakuho. He makes short work of Tochiozan, pulling off a nice matador move to send his opponent stumbling by. Hakuho stays tied for the tournament lead at 5-0 with Ozeki Goeido and Aminishiki.

November 2017, Day 5, Kotoshogiku v Chiyotairyu

When ‘Giku’s firing on all cylinders, you have to bring your A-game. Chiyotairyu does not bring his A-game. His game is, at best, somewhere in the low Cs.

November 2017, Day 5, Chiyonokuni v Hokutofuji

This is a fantastic example of good old-fashioned blue-collar sumo, just two guys locked up in the middle of the ring trying to figure out who’s stronger. Hokutofuji comes out on top, surviving an armlock throw and using his own belt grip to sling Chiyonokuni off balance, ending with a shove to Chiyonokuni’s chin that sends him backwards out of the ring. Great effort from both wrestlers.