March 2018, Day 14, Kaisei v Daishomaru

Kaisei had a harsh test yesterday against Yokozuna Kakuryu, a bout scheduled to force him to earn a legitimate shot at the championship. Having lost that bout, he’s back to a normal routine and facing M13 Daishomaru, at the opposite end of the banzuke (and the quality spectrum) from the Yokozuna. So Kaisei celebrates by going bowling.


March 2018, Day 12, Asanoyama v Daieisho

I count four times that Daieisho gets a hand on Asanoyama’s throat. And he’s not wailing away, he’s placing his hand carefully and pushing hard. The fourth time his right hand gets up under Asanoyama’s chin, lifting his head back, and as a general rule, where your head goes your body tends to follow. Asanoyama’s body follows his head backwards, and Daieisho wins by oshitaoshi (front push down). Both wrestlers are one win away from their kachi-koshi at 7-5.

March 2018, Day 7, Daieisho v Hokutofuji

Strong tachiai from both men in their first-ever meeting, with Daieisho coming out on top after a series of sharp tsuppari thrusts to Hokutofuji’s head. A perfectly-timed pull takes advantage of Hokutofuji’s counter-charge and sets up the finishing move, where Daieisho grabs Hokutofuji by the face and throws him off the dohyo. Oshitaoshi (front push down) is too bland a name for this technique, so I propose a new one: kaotsukamitaoshi (顔掴み倒し, face-grabbing push down).

March 2018, Day 7, Azumaryu v Nishikigi

Azumaryu gets stood up at the tachiai, and decides to retreat once he’s given up the lower position to Nishikigi. This is a mistake. A few short steps later and he’s tumbling backwards off the dohyo, landing hard on the floor below.

March 2018, Day 2, Kaisei v Abi

Abi launches himself at Kaisei with abandon, stretching out to his full length with both hands aimed at Kaisei’s head and neck. But he remains aware of Kaisei’s belt game, and retreats every time Kaisei tries to close the distance. Kaisei is just trying to get a solid hand on Abi, frustrated by the lighter wrestler’s mobility. Until, suddenly, he gets a solid hand on Abi and ends the bout.

March 2018, Day 2, Ikioi v Myogiryu

Good back-and-forth bout between Ikioi and Myogiryu. Myogiryu survives the big shoulder at the tachiai from Ikioi, and Ikioi gets out of a tricky situation by diverting Myogiryu’s face in a different direction. The last shuffling charge from Ikioi sends Myogiryu tumbling from the dohyo for the oshitaoshi (front push down) win.

March 2018, Day 1, Abi v Yoshikaze

Abi and Yoshikaze are alike in that they only have one speed. But today it’s Abi who comes out on top, with a strong pushing attack that leaves the purple-belted Yoshikaze on the wrong side of the tawara.