September 2017, Day 14, Shohozan v Chiyomaru

Shohozan doesn’t use throwing techniques very often, but his underarm throw (shitatenage) today against Chiyomaru is excellent. Using a strong right-handed grip, he pulls hard and swings his round opponent, Chiyomaru’s feet flailing in vain as he topples over. Both men finish the day at 8-6.


September 2017, Day 13, Tochinoshin v Shohozan

It’s a contest of strength between Tochinoshin’s favorite double-overarm belt grip and Shohozan’s low inside position. Tochinoshin lifts Shohozan off the ground and rotates towards the edge, but Shohozan gets his feet down before going out. Both men pull on the other, mirror images leaning over towards defeat, but Shohozan digs deep and muscles Tochinoshin over the straw for his seventh win.

September 2017, Day 12, Shohozan v Goeido

Nobody panic, nobody panic, NOBODY PANIC! With all the three-loss wrestlers losing today, Goeido maintains his two-win lead over the pack despite dropping his bout to the always-tough Shohozan. But the pack is enormous, with ten wrestlers at 8-4, including definite contenders Harumafuji, Yoshikaze, Kotoshogiku, and Onosho. If Goeido loses again in the next couple of days, it could make his final-day match-up with Yokozuna Harumafuji reeeeeeaally interesting. But until then, NOBODY PANIC!!

September 2017, Day 8, Shohozan v Yoshikaze

Words do little to add to the spectacle of two giant men trying to smash the hell out of each other, so take a moment and absorb this one. Shohozan has been involved in few of these this tournament, earning a huge welt and black eye on Day 1, and doling out some punishment of his own against Yoshikaze today. Yoshikaze ends up victorious, but his face is a horror show with blood pouring out of his nose and spattering his chest, and what looks like a split eyebrow. Both wrestlers finish the day at 4-4.

September 2017, Day 7, Shohozan v Harumafuji

Left hand pop in the face, duck under. Right hand pop in the face, duck under. Repeat until successful. Both men have a similar strategy this bout, but it’s Yokozuna Harumafuji who gets both hands on the front of Shohozan’s belt first, and from there it’s all academic. Shohozan can’t break Harumafuji’s crushing grip, and the Yokozuna walks him over the edge of the ring. Both wrestlers finish the day at 4-3.

September 2017, Day 6, Hokutofuji v Shohozan

Choo choo, the Shohozan train is coming through. The express will not be making a stop at this station, so please stand back from the platform to avoid any unfortunate accidents.

September 2017, Day 5, Terunofuji v Shohozan

Shohozan’s still nursing a big welt on his eyebrow from Day 1, but again he leads with his face at the tachiai against Ozeki Terunofuji. Terunofuji’s height advantage gives him a strong kime (double-overarm arm lock) position, and he tries to stretch Shohozan out like a piece of taffy. But Shohozan pulls the old “I’m a cat that doesn’t want to get picked up” move and makes his torso incredibly long, hanging in there with an underarm belt grip until he can maneuver Terunofuji over the edge of the ring. Nice work by Shohozan to pick up his third win. Terunofuji is now in dire straits, falling to 1-4 in a tournament where he must get eight wins to avoid demotion from Ozeki status.