March 2018, Day 9, Mitakeumi v Kotoshogiku

Mitakeumi thinks he knows what Kotoshogiku’s trying. He thinks he knows because Kotoshogiku almost always tries the exact same thing. So when Mitakeumi has his heels on the tawara, with Kotoshogiku bumping up against him, he thinks he has to push back as hard as he can to keep from getting pushed out. And he’s not wrong. But he’s also completely taken off guard by Kotoshogiku’s sudden reversal, which turns his forward lean against him and sees him slung to the ground by sukuinage (beltless arm throw). Surprise!


March 2018, Day 5, Takayasu v Kotoshogiku

Kotoshogiku stays low at the tachiai, actually lifting up Ozeki Takayasu and gaining the advantage in the first moments of the bout. But Takayasu sneaks his right hand inside for a belt grip, and uses that arm even after losing the belt hold for a strong sukuinage (beltless arm throw). Takayasu is tied with fellow Ozeki Goeido at 3-2. Kotoshogiku falls to 1-4.

March 2018, Day 3, Shohozan v Shodai

Shohozan seems extra motivated today against Shodai, starting off with a good tsuppari attack to the face and getting both arms underneath. Shodai defends with a kotenage (arm bar) on the left side, but Shohozan uses his right arm to throw down Shodai with a sukuinage (beltless arm throw).

March 2018, Day 1, Mitakeumi v Arawashi

Mitakeumi kills two birds with one right arm, breaking Arawashi’s left-handed belt grip and throwing him to the clay with a textbook sukuinage (beltless arm throw).

January 2018, Day 10, Takarafuji v Kaisei

Takarafuji emerges from the tachiai with the advantage, securing a left-handed underarm belt grip that keeps Kaisei’s right arm elevated, and clamping down nicely on Kaisei’s left arm, preventing Kaisei from getting his own underarm grip on that side. Both men reach out for the right-handed overarm grip at the same time, breaking the stalemate, and Takarafuji loses his underarm grip. But he works his way around to a nearly identical grappling position, this time with the overarm grip on the right side and a left arm high underneath Kaisei’s armpit. When he uses the overarm grip to try and muscle out Kaisei, Kaisei strains to defend at the edge of the ring, and Hokutofuji feels him leaning. So Hokutofuji lets go of the overarm grip and commits to the left-side sukuinage (beltless arm throw), rolling Kaisei to his fourth loss. Hokutofuji improves to 7-3.

January 2018, Day 7, Abi v Nishikigi

Nishikigi’s all like, “dude, I just want a hug” and Abi’s all like, “dude, no way, get outta here” and Nishikigi’s like “come on man, I’m gonna hug you if you like it or not” and Abi’s like “bye, Felicia.”