May 2017, Day 15, Daishomaru v Ura

Ura, man, that’s kinda not cool. Everyone knows your tachiai is a little weird, you don’t charge forward with full effort, and that’s part of your style. But today you literally stepped backwards. Granted, hooking under the leg of Daishomaru and swinging him out with the beltless arm throw was a nice finish. But your 11-4 record is going to mean a good promotion next tournament, and it’ll be interesting to see how some really top-notch wrestlers handle your unorthodox sumo. Good luck!

May 2017, Day 12, Tochinoshin v Takakeisho

Takakeisho pulls off a difficult throw against Tochinoshin, who gets his preferred overarm grip deep around the back of Takakeisho’s belt. Takakeisho does a good job keeping his right arm and shoulder very high, reducing the amount of leverage Tochinoshin can apply from that side. And given how high Tochinoshin’s arm is, Takakeisho needs just about perfect technique to execute the sukuinage (beltless arm throw), using his right leg and hip to help tip Tochinoshin’s body over and around. Takakeisho improves to 9-3, a great result so far in his third top-division tournament. Tochinoshin, on the other hand, is more than likely disappointed with his 9-3 record, as it just about takes him out of championship contention.

May 2017, Day 10, Chiyoshoma v Goeido

Goeido’s feeling the pressure of his precarious position, needing just a few more wins in the last few days to secure his Ozeki rank for another tournament. He comes out motivated against Chiyoshoma, wasting no time in charging forward and executing the flawless sukuinage (beltless arm throw) that sends Chiyoshoma crashing out of the ring upside down. Goeido inches closer to his eighth win at 6-4, but Chiyoshoma gets his eighth loss and makekoshi record, guaranteeing demotion next tournament.

May 2017, Day 8, Arawashi v Daishomaru

Daishomaru’s record advances to an impressive 6-2 with today’s smooth sukuinage (beltless arm throw) victory over Arawashi. Getting his left arm underneath Arawashi’s right arm and around his back, Daishomaru shifts his hips and flips his opponent head over heels. Arawashi falls to 1-7.

May 2017, Day 4, Terunofuji v Chiyoshoma

Ozeki Terunofuji overpowers Chiyoshoma on Day 4 with a sweeping sukuinage (beltless arm throw), helped by the fortuitous timing of Chiyoshoma turning in that direction for an armlock throw without first securing the armlock. Terunofuji earns his second win, Chiyonofuji loses for the third time.

May 2017, Day 3, Tamawashi v Mitakeumi

This Mitakeumi kid is going places, I tell you. He stays calm under the withering pressure of Tamawashi’s relentless attack, absorbing blow after blow to his face, chin, and throat before finding the perfect moment to sneak his left arm around Tamawashi’s body and twist. Tamawashi rolls to the ground with Mitakeumi on top, giving Mitakeumi a sukuinage (beltless arm throw) victory for his third win of the tournament. It also gives him seven straight wins over Tamawashi in their head-to-head bouts.

May 2017, Day 3, Arawashi v Tokushoryu

Arawashi is driven straight back to the edge of the ring by Tokushoryu, where he plants his left foot and tries a desperate armlock throw (kotenage). But Tokushoryu leans into Arawashi’s body, using his left arm in a counter beltless arm throw (sukuinage), and the two men head for the dirt at nearly the same time. Tokushoryu tucks his right arm up close to his chest while Arawashi reaches for the ground to break his fall, and only one of these is the correct decision. Arawashi touches first, giving Tokushoryu his second win of the tournament. Arawashi falls to 0-3.