November 2017, Day 7, Chiyonokuni v Takayasu

(Thanksgiving Holiday commentary hiatus)


November 2017, Day 6, Takakeisho v Takayasu

Both Ozekis lose today, with Takakeisho continuing a very successful first week of the tournament by notching his belt with an Ozeki win to add to two Yokozuna upsets. I’m a little disappointed by Takayasu’s lack of fight at the end of the bout, as he appears to give up once he gets close to the edge. Both men finish the day at 4-2.

November 2017, Day 5 Tamawashi v Takayasu

Ozeki Takayasu drops to 4-1 and out of the tie for the tournament lead thanks to a spirited performance by Tamawashi. After a strong tachiai Takayasu gets too close to Tamawashi, who keeps his hips low and gets the positional advantage on the Ozeki. Good footwork from Tamawashi sends Takayasu sliding across the dohyo and out the other side.

November 2017, Day 3, Onosho v Takayasu

Onosho has Ozeki Takayasu on the ropes, scrambling to regain his balance after a good shove to the head sends him sideways. But Onosho’s eyes go wide and he pounces too eagerly, his feet slipping out from under him to a disappointing loss. Takayasu stays perfect at 3-0.

November 2017, Day 2, Tochiozan v Takayasu

Ozeki Takayasu’s warming up, looking good on Day 2 after missing most of the last tournment due to injury. Getting the kinks out, getting loose. A good test against Tochiozan, who in the past has beaten Takayasu more often than not. Takayasu has no trouble with him today, though, moving quickly forward and showing good control with low hips and a stable base.

November 2017, Day 1, Chiyotairyu v Takayasu

Back in action after missing most of last tournament due to injury, Ozeki Takayasu seems to be taking it easy on the first day against Chiyotairyu. He’ll need eight wins to avoid demotion from the Ozeki rank since he’s on kadoban status (no exceptions, even for injury), but he looks solid enough in this second-and-a-half of action.

September 2017, Day 2, Takayasu v Tamawashi

Ozeki Takayasu drops his first loss against always-tough Tamawashi on Day 2, losing on the tachiai as he lets Tamawashi get underneath his center of gravity and lift his posture up and back. Not much he can do from there, and his attempts at defense fall short at the edge.