March 2018, Kakuryu Yusho Compilation

Yokozuna Kakuryu wins the March 2018 Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka, his fourth top-division championship and his first since November 2016. He finished with an excellent 13-2 record, losing only to defending champ Tochinoshin and Ozeki Takayasu. Over the course of the tournament he used four different kimarite (winning techniques): hatakikomi (6), yorikiri (3), oshidashi (3), and tsukiotoshi (1).


March 2018, Day 14, Shohozan v Tamawashi

Shohozan survives the arm lock and takes Tamawashi to the edge, but Tamawashi suddenly gets real slippery and Shohozan eats clay.

March 2018, Day 12, Takarafuji v Tamawashi

Tamawashi looks strong today, walking Takarafuji out by the throat and peppering slaps at the face with his other hand along the way. Takarafuji can’t dislodge Tamawashi’s arms despite several attempts at deflection, and falls to 2-10. Tamawashi improves to 7-5.

March 2018, Day 10, Tamawashi v Chiyotairyu

Tamawashi gets handled today like he handled Endo yesterday. Straight out of the ring, no fuss, no muss. Chiyotairyu should have brought this kind of energy to his bouts before today – he’s already 2-8.

March 2018, Day 9, Endo v Tamawashi

Tamawashi manhandles Endo, taking him out with prejudice in a few short steps. Endo gets ragdolled around and takes a short trip to the third row, but escapes with his head still attached. Silver linings.

March 2018, Day 5, Mitakeumi v Tamawashi

After an initial deflection at the tachiai, Mitakeumi holds his ground while Tamawashi tries to remove his head from his body. Good footwork keeps Mitakeumi’s center of gravity low, and helps keep his attack centered on Tamawashi’s torso. The oshidashi (push out) win gives Mitakeumi a 4-1 record.

March 2018, Day 4, Takayasu v Tamawashi

Takayasu’s tachiai is on point, but Tamawashi hangs in there and trades a series of strong thrusts with the Ozeki. Tamawashi gets knocked off-balance by a strong blow to the side of the head, and his feet stay behind as Takayasu pulls him down.