March 2018, Day 11, Tochiozan v Ishiura

Henka! Unlike Goeido’s henka yesterday, this one from Ishiura is not a surprise. He slaps down hard on Tochiozan’s arms and sends him flying past. Ishiura turns the corner and covers the distance to the other side of the dohyo in a flash, slamming into Tochiozan and pushing him out. It’s arguable whether or not this is a “bad” henka, but either way Tochiozan should have been more prepared.


March 2018, Day 5, Tochiozan v Ryuden

It’s only Ryuden’s second Makuuchi tournament, so it’s understandable that he’s struggling up in the middle of the division. Veteran Tochiozan shows off a good technique, reaching over Ryuden’s back to grab the belt and throw him down with a harimanage (backward belt throw). Ryuden falls to 1-4, while Tochiozan improves to 3-2.

March 2018, Day 2, Tochiozan v Chiyonokuni

After the initial flurry of thrusts and parries, Tochiozan and Chiyonokuni separate in the center of the ring. Chiyonokuni launches forward with a shove that lands on Tochiozan’s neck, fantastic aim considering Tochiozan has no neck. That nodowa (throat push) gets Tochiozan all out of sorts and off balance at the edge of the ring, easy pickings for Chiyonokuni from there.

January 2018, Day 2, Tochiozan v Shohozan

Tochiozan and Shohozan put on a good show of blue-collar sumo, nothing fancy, just plain ol’ shoving around. Tochiozan gets pushed back to the edge of the ring where he survives with his heels hanging over the edge, a deep squat and some serious strength saving his bacon. He fights back briefly, but Shohozan is relentless and a renewed attack quickly sends Tochiozan over the edge for good.

November 2017, Hakuho Yusho Compilation

Yokozuna Hakuho wins the November 2017 Grand Sumo Tournament in Kyushi, earning his fortieth(!) top-division championship with a record of 14-1. Over the course of the tournament he used eight different kimarite (winning techniques): yorikiri (3), uwatenage (3), uwatedashinage (2), oshidashi (2), hatakikomi (1), okuridashi (1), tsukiotoshi (1), and yoritaoshi (1).