March 2018, Day 10, Tamawashi v Chiyotairyu

Tamawashi gets handled today like he handled Endo yesterday. Straight out of the ring, no fuss, no muss. Chiyotairyu should have brought this kind of energy to his bouts before today – he’s already 2-8.


March 2018, Day 10, Abi v Ryuden

Ryuden knows what’s coming, but he can’t stop it. He tries to get a hold of Abi’s elbows to deflect the strikes aimed at his face and chest, but Abi will not be denied. A few shoves later and Ryuden is toppled from the dohyo by tsukidashi (front thrust out).

January 2018, Tochinoshin Yusho Compilation

Maegashira 3 Tochinoshin wins the January 2018 Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, his first-ever top-division championship and the first from a mid-ranked Maegashira since M7 Kyokutenho in 2012. He finished with an outstanding 14-1 record, losing only to Yokozuna Kakuryu on Day 7. Over the course of the tournament he used five different kimarite (winning techniques): yorikiri (9), tsukiotoshi (2), tsukidashi (1), tsuridashi (1), and oshidashi (1).

January 2018, Day 13, Arawashi v Takayasu

Takayasu wins easily over Arawashi, blasting him off the line and needing but a few short shoves to send him out. Still two losses behind the tournament leader, Takayasu will have to hope that Tochinoshin loses both of the last two days in order to force a playoff. With Tochinoshin’s performance today, that looks unlikely.

January 2018, Day 12, Goeido v Takayasu

The Ozeki matchup is no contest. Goeido gets blown off the shikiri-sen at the tachiai and flails at Takayasu’s arms, but Takayasu keeps his hands in Goeido’s face like a cruel uncle stiff-arming a frustrated child. Two good shoves to the torso and Goeido falls out. Takayasu has an excellent record of 9-3, but he’s running out of time to catch the streaking Tochinoshin and Yokozuna Kakuryu. Goeido needs to find a way to win two more bouts to prevent yet another kadoban (probation for Ozeki) tournament.

January 2018, Day 12, Mitakeumi v Okinoumi

Mitakeumi has now dropped five straight bouts, and his confidence has completely disappeared. He loses to the hapless 4-8 Okinoumi today, resorting to a pull-down right after the tachiai instead of using his strength on offense. Sigh.