May 2017, Day 10, Sokokurai v Shodai

Shodai somehow slips suddenly sideways, surprising Sokokurai with his shockingly speedy slipperiness as Sokokurai steps southward out of the sumo circle.

May 2017, Day 7, Kotoshogiku v Goeido

Everything’s going Kotoshogiku’s way right up until the very end. He has a good tachiai, gets chest-to-chest with Goeido where he wants to be, and starts frog-hopping the Ozeki back towards the edge. But two or three hops in and Goeido, with perfect timing, jabs a right hand into Kotoshogiku’s left side while he’s on the upthrust. Kotoshogiku loses his base and topples to the ground. Ozeki Goeido improves to 5-2, while Kotoshogiku falls to 1-6.

May 2017, Day 7, Chiyoshoma v Takayasu

Takayasu gets back on track after his first loss yesterday, sending Chiyoshoma down to the clay with a solid tachiai followed by a sharp right hand to the ribs. Chiyoshoma’s roll isn’t some kind of soccer flop – sumo wrestlers practice rolling when they know they’re going down, as it protects them from injury better than a hard fall.

May 2017, Day 3, Takanoiwa v Takarafuji

Takanoiwa’s huge right shoulder at the initial charge lifts up Takarafuji and opens him up for the ensuing massive right paw to the face. That heavy hand puts Takarafuji down on the ground, where he spends a brief moment reconsidering his career decision.

May 2017, Day 2, Kotoshogiku v Chiyoshoma

Kotoshogiku looks great for 95% of this bout, returning to form with a good frog-hopping gaburi-yori attack that sends Chiyoshoma backwards. But at the last moment he forgets to move his feet that one extra hop, and Chiyoshoma sends him to the dirt with a hand in the ribs. The ex-Ozeki falls to 0-2.

May 2017, Day 1, Onosho v Daishomaru

Onosho gets welcomed to his first bout as a top-division wrestler by Daishomaru, who circles away from Onosho while hugging the edge of the ring. Daishomaru shows excellent ring awareness, keeping his feet just inside the tawara as Onosho finally topples to the ground to his first loss.

March 2017, Kisenosato Yusho compilation

Yokozuna Kisenosato wins the March 2017 Grand Sumo Tournament in Osaka, earning his second-straight top-division championship with a record of 13-2, defeating Ozeki Terunofuji on the last day in a playoff. Over the course of thirteen wins (plus one playoff win) he used six different kimarite (winning techniques): yorikiri (6), oshidashi (3), tsukiotoshi (2), kotehineri (1), okuridashi (1), and kotenage (1).