September 2017, Day 14, Chiyonokuni v Kaisei

Way to take it to the big guy! Chiyonokuni uses a barrage of attacks to the neck and chin with excellent accuracy to wear down Kaisei until he can knock him down.


September 2017, Day 12, Chiyotairyu v Kotoshogiku

Brutal tachiai by Kotoshogiku today. Pretty sure ‘Giku’s forehead smashing into his chin stunned poor Chiyotairyu, and his knees go out from under him. He’s a little wobbly getting up, but he looks ok after a few steps. Kotoshogiku earns his eighth win, and both men finish the day at 8-4.

September 2017, Day 10, Onosho v Kotoshogiku

Good tachiai from both wrestlers as they cancel each other out in the center of the ring. They grapple from equivalent positions (left arm under/right arm over), neither one with a belt grip, and even though Onosho has the lower position Kotoshogiku works him steadily towards the edge. When Onosho’s feet hit the straw bales, Kotoshogiku has two good options: belly bump for the win, or sudden reversal. He goes for the sudden reversal, stepping out of the way and letting Onosho’s momentum carry him forward. A right hand in the ribs makes sure Onosho hits the clay. Onosho finishes the day 7-3, and his hopes of title contention are getting slim. Kotoshogiku improves to 6-4, feeling good with most of his toughest opponents behind him.

September 2017, Day 9, Aoiyama v Goeido

With Onosho and Daishomaru both losing earlier in the afternoon, Goeido can take sole possession of the tournament lead with a win over Aoiyama. And he does just that. Aoiyama puts up little resistance after a strong tachiai, falling victim to Goeido’s simple sidestep.

September 2017, Day 7, Nishikigi v Takarafuji

Takarafuji works the right-left magic again today, pulling with a right arm overhand grip to get Nishikigi leaning one way and then pushing with his left arm to send Nishikigi tumbling the other direction. Good solid core from Takarafuji gives his shoves a lot of strength, even going backwards.

September 2017, Day 5, Chiyotairyu v Goeido

Goeido meets his opponent head-on for the first time in three days, and almost pays dearly for it. Chiyotairyu comes out like a man possessed, smashing into the Ozeki at the tachiai and furiously pounding Goeido’s upper body with strong thrusts that send him reeling backwards all the way to the edge of the dohyo. But Goeido stays calm and escapes by the narrowest of margins, one sharp left hand into Chiyotairyu’s ribs pushing him down to the dirt and his first loss. Both men finish the day at 4-1, behind only Onosho (should he beat Yokozuna Harumafuji in the final bout of the day).