November 2017, Day 7, Onosho v Hakuho

(Thanksgiving Holiday commentary hiatus)


November 2017, Day 6, Kisenosato v Tochiozan

Yokozuna Kisenosato needs to get as many wins in the first half of the tournament as he can before he has to fight the strong Ozeki and Yokozuna contingent later on. It still doesn’t seem like he’s at 100%, but he looks good enough today against Tochiozan, who loses for the sixth time in a row. Kisenosato improves to 4-2.

November 2017, Day 5, Kisenosato v Shohozan

NEVER GIVE UP!!! Yokozuna Kisenosato digs deep, really deep, to fight off tough opponent Shohozan at the edge of the ring. Somehow he pulls off this win after being fairly handily dominated for the entire bout. Twisting impossibly with both feet on the straw, Kisenosato puts a hand in Shohozan’s ribs and sends him crashing into the clay. Fantastic come-from-behind victory for the Yokozuna, who improves to 3-2.

November 2017, Day 2, Kisenosato v Onosho

Onosho gets a bit overeager at the tachiai against Yokozuna Kisenosato, and his feet slip out from under him after the initial contact. Kisenosato looks good for the split-second we get to see him work, and he’s happy to pick up his first win of the tournament.

November 2017, Day 1, Shohozan v Yoshikaze

This bout starts with the intensity expected of these two wrestlers, but Shohozan comes out on top after a perfectly timed sidestep at the edge of the ring just as Yoshikaze puts his head down and charges. At least Yoshikaze escaped the bout without a bloody nose.

September 2017, Day 14, Chiyonokuni v Kaisei

Way to take it to the big guy! Chiyonokuni uses a barrage of attacks to the neck and chin with excellent accuracy to wear down Kaisei until he can knock him down.