September 2017, Day 15, Chiyoshoma v Yutakayama

Newbie Yutakayama gets rag-dolled by the speedy Chiyoshoma, who leaps forward for the deep, deep belt grip on the right side. Using Yutakayama’s momentum off the initial charge against him, Chiyoshoma cranks hard with his right hand and Yutakayama leaves the ground, floating through the air like an autumn leaf before hitting the ground not at all like an autumn leaf. Uwatenage (overarm throw) win for Chiyoshoma, who is happy to get his eighth win. Yutakayama, finishing the tournament at 4-11, will almost certainly drop back down to Juryo next tournament to regroup and hopefully get some more experience.


September 2017, Day 15, Okinoumi v Sadanoumi

Last day of the tournament, last day for Okinoumi to get his eighth win and avoid demotion down to the second-tier Juryo division. Good tachiai, gets the left-handed underhand grip against Sadanoumi pretty quickly, and starts reaching for the right. But Sadanoumi shifts his hips and clamps down with his right arm, breaking Okinoumi’s belt grip on that side and starting a push for the edge. Okinoumi takes a couple of steps back before he can finally grab that right-handed overarm grip, and now he can plant his left foot and go for the finish. Sadanoumi goes upside down, the victim of a nice uwatenage (overarm throw). Okinoumi breathes a big sigh of relief, safe at 8-7. Sadanoumi finishes 2-8-5, perhaps a poor enough record to see him drop from the Makuuchi division next tournament. Here’s hoping he heals up and returns to form.

September 2017, Day 13, Chiyonokuni v Kotoshogiku

Fierce battle between two motivated wrestlers, Kotoshogiku hoping to add to his win total and return to the top sanyaku ranks (komusubi and sekiwake), and Chiyonokuni still hunting his eighth victory. Chiyonokuni shows great mobility and energy, stopping Kotoshogiku with a violent tachiai before jumping sideways to try and get behind his opponent. He charges in with a stiff-arm to the face, getting a right-handed overarm grip in the process that helps him defend against Kotoshogiku’s final charge. Right at the edge, with his foot in the extra space of the toku-dawara, Chiyonokuni spins on a dime and drops Kotoshogiku with that right-side grip. Uwatenage (overarm throw) for the win.

September 2017, Day 12, Tochinoshin v Hokutofuji

There have been few bright spots for Tochinoshin this tournament, but today’s victory over Hokutofuji is one of them. Despite losing the tachiai and getting pushed back to the tawara, Tochinoshin reaches his long arm over Hokutofuji’s back for the left-handed overarm grip. A posture reset gets him low enough to add the underarm grip on the right side, and then he just out-muscles his opponent, slowly turning his body and dumping Hokutofuji out of the ring by uwatenage (overarm throw). Tochinoshin earns his third win, and Hokutofuji falls to 4-8.

September 2017, Day 10, Nishikigi v Asanoyama

Asanoyama continues to dominate the bottom of the division with another fine performance against Nishikigi. Once he clamps down with the left-handed overarm grip and takes a few moments to tighten it, Asanoyama swings Nishikigi around and dumps him with a smooth uwatenage (overarm throw). Just the stronger man today.

September 2017, Day 6, Ichinojo v Kagayaki

Ichinojo isn’t usually one for subtlety, but today he surprises us with a beautiful display of perfect timing. Locked up in the center of the ring, Kagayaki tries to break the stalemate by reversing his right arm position, sliding it inside Ichinojo’s left. He’s hoping for either an underarm belt grip or at least some leverage to relieve the pressure of Ichinojo’s left-handed overarm grip. But Kagayaki has to lift his right shoulder up to create the space for his arm, and the instant he does this Ichinojo pounces, pulling hard with his left arm when Kagayaki is at his most vulnerable. Kagayaki goes flying and Ichinojo gets the uwatenage (overarm throw) win.

September 2017, Day 6, Chiyoshoma v Takarafuji

Chiyoshoma bounces off Takarafuji at the tachiai but manages to grab a left-handed underarm belt grip and fight back from the edge of the ring. Withering under Takarafuji’s relentless pressure, he tries a last-gasp underarm throw from the left side. But Takarafuji doesn’t budge and Chiyoshoma’s torso is tilted over from his own efforts, so Takarafuji says “thank you very much” and completes an overarm throw from the same side.