May 2016, Day 3, Harumafuji v Ichinojo

Long video to finish up the third day, but it’s a good one. Yokozuna Harumafuji squares off against the giant Ichinojo. Watch the different way they each throw the salt and enter the ring. Watch the different way they each squat at the shikiri-sen and prepare for the tachiai. Watch Harumafuji go to his bread-and-butter, the punishing guerrilla-style attack where he jumps in with heavy pushes and thrusts and jumps back out of harms way, repeating until he either forces his opponent out or forces them into an awkward position he can exploit. He sees his chance and launches into a deep migi-yotsu grip (right hand under, left hand over), solidly underneath the taller wrestler’s center of gravity. But Ichinojo is pretty good at standing there being real heavy, and Harumafuji’s attack falters. Ichinojo finds the tiniest of openings on his left side, and sneaks his left arm underneath Harumafuji’s right arm with the speed of, well, of a really fat but surprisingly fast snake. Now Harumafuji can’t get as low as he’d like, so he pulls the same reversal – getting his right arm back underneath Ichinojo’s left. But he’s lost the low position he had before, and Ichinojo has a good underhand grip on the right side. When Ichinojo finally (finally!) goes on the offensive he keeps his weight centered with little hops to the left and right, and Harumafuji can’t escape. Good upset and a kinboshi (gold star) for Ichinojo. Now watch the cushions start to rain down in celebration of the upset. Now watch Ichinojo collect his fat stack of cash.


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